Which one do you choose Parquet, Marble or Ceramics?

Talking about the interior design for houses, buildings, apartments, hotels, restaurants, football field and others, many people who eventually Scratched when trying to determine the design of the floor. Whether to use Marble, is it enough with ceramics, or just closed the Carpet ?. This question may be implied in your mind when you are building a house or apartment. Wooden floors or Parquet, may be one option that comes to mind, not just because it looks charming, but also of the aesthetic value in the room that uses the Parquet looks more comfortable on the other floor. And lately, this type of wooden floor is very much in demand. But there are some things that make people confused when deciding to buy Parquet, given the wood flooring or Parquet is not available in materials stores or stores nearby buildings, where they should buy. The Internet is one of the right sources in search of various information. If you want to install one of them floor just Contact us

First tip: get one of the Parquet sellers you can trust, which can show you a good work reference of the seller.

  • The second tip: some things that need to be prepared before you decide to use parquet,
  • Parquet Type
  • Setup installation
  • Parquet installation pattern
  • Care
  • Budget

If you want to use Solid wooden Parquet that has not been in finish, then the floor to be installed Parquet must first in smooth aci with cement is flat. In because this Parquet installation is not the same as the installation of ceramics or marble are:

  • If Ceramic installation to get a really flat floor result, then simply adjusted with mortar.
  • While the installation of Parquet to get a really flat result, it must be set on the lottery that would be installed Parquet.
  • Adjust the height of parquet floor to be installed parquet with Parquet thickness to blend with the floor of another room, if the room has been installed ceramic or marble to result last mix of ceramics or marble with parquet the same, or not up and down.