Ideas for Putting a Personal Stamp on Your New Home

While moving to a new home is an exciting day, you probably also worry about how you’ll decorate your new home and make it work better for you in the days leading up to that move. Instead of just putting the same furniture in the same arrangement in the same room, you can put your own personal stamp on each room. While some ideas require that you do a few things before moving in your things, others are steps that you can take after the movers arrive and you start unpacking.

Paint Each Room

One way to make your new home look completely different from your old home is with some new paint. If you always had a yellow kitchen and a blue bedroom, switch things up with a coat of green paint in the kitchen and a softer purple shade in your bedroom. You can even go all out and paint each wall in one room in a different color. Make sure that you pick colors that flow together though. This can help you feel more comfortable when you walk through the halls of your next home.


Get New Artwork

A good piece of artwork can transform a room. Check for up and coming artists in your new city to find paintings, sculptures and other pieces that you’ll want to display. New artists often charge less money than established artists do, which can help you save some money. You can make your own artwork too. Think about framing all those paintings that your kids did in your old home. Hang those pictures on a living room wall in a large group to create a focal point. You can do the same thing with family photos too.


Buy Custom Pieces

Put your personal sense of style on your new home with a few custom pieces that you buy specifically for that home. A low couch that sits along one long wall creates the perfect place for your family to gather together to watch television or play games. Purchasing a custom headboard for your bed lets you put your stamp on the bedroom too. Buying custom furniture in Austin TX or any other city lets you pick pieces that work with your sense of style and with your home. Give your new home a custom look with custom furniture, new artwork and some fresh paint.