Gestational surrogacy

Surrogacy treatment is the way of becoming parents for families with infertility. The latest technological method that makes thousands of people all around the world experience the parenting feelings and genetic relation with the baby. The Medical Center ADONIS Family has provided the Surrogacy Programs on your selection since 2012. Successful operated medical processes and years long experience of the specialists will put aside all your doubts about the Surrogacy treatment. 

ADONIS Fertility provide the service of Gestational Surrogacy in the territory of Ukraine for officially married heterosexual couples. Our coordinators will help you in every aspect (documents, preparation stage, tickets/hotel reservation), we receive patients from the whole world, that’s why your current location is not an obstacle for the Surrogacy program beginning. 

The whole Surrogacy process is fully legitimate and is provided according to the Ukrainian legislation. Several conditions are obligatory for Surrogacy in ADONIS:

  • The actual heath reasons for Surrogacy treatment
  • Correct and notarized set of documents required for Surrogacy Program 
  • Obligatory genetic connection of at least one of intended parents with the child 
  • Obligatory no genetic connection of the surrogate mother with the child she carries
  • Knowledge all aspects of Surrogacy program with taking the responsibility

Surrogacy specificities  

ADONIS own donor base provides you the opportunity to choose the best variant based on the best health conditions and personal preferences. The surrogate mother can be an adult capable woman with her own health-birth child and without medical contraindications. The Ukrainian law provides for carrying pregnancy by close relatives of intended parents. 

All the legislation norms are on the side of future intended parents, that’s why you are fully protected. The surrogate mother is deprived to have the parental authority from the very beginning of the Surrogacy Program (the special agreement includes all the aspects). The child custody is on the side of intended parents – unconditionally. 

Surrogacy cost

It is widely known that Surrogacy is not an affordable process. For example, Surrogacy in the UK, USA or Canada is really off the normal cost scale, but ADONIS Surrogacy Programs will please you with wonderful prices and service. Combination of the world level medical treatment and the best conditions and its affordability – one the main prides of ADONIS. 

Special offers for clients and additional non-medical services are included to the ADONIS Surrogacy Programs. The inaccessible medical treatment is the thing of the past. The modern clinics choose the way of professionalism with compliance and a good price/quality ratio. And this way is chosen by ADONIS!

 The widest range of offers are waiting, the best specialists’ selection is completed, the latest technological equipment is established – don’t miss changing the infertility problem into new opportunities!

Medical Center ADONIS Family – your new life with multiple chances!