Furniture 101: Wood Finishing, Beautiful Wooden Furniture!


Hi, this time I will tell about finishing on wood. Finishing can also make the aesthetic quality of wood furniture more beautiful, beautiful, and attractive. Application of finishing on wood furniture vary depending on the style you want to achieve, can be natural rustic look, elegant and luxurious, and others. This will depend on the type and number of finishes used. Just visit antique flooring company in US For more information about wood.

Here are the types of finishing that is often used for wood furniture,

Teak Oil

Application of finishing with Teak oil is the simplest and easy type of application. This material does not form a ‘film’ layer on the wood surface. The oil can seep into the pores of the wood and stay inside to prevent water from entering or out of the wood pores. How easy application, simply by watering, soaking or smearing with cloth or wooden furniture brush with oil, thus this oil will enter into the pores of the wood, then the oil can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Finishing with teak oil basic ingredients is very simple in its use and the result is not durable, not resistant to water, and quickly faded, thus requiring repetition of teak oil reintroduction, the final effect did not give the durability of the furniture against the impact or scratch, so the furniture remains easy Blisters.

The result of this furniture finishing can produce beautiful wooden furniture look naturally, suitable for natural room style, rustic, and industrial.


Finishing with varnish has long been used to coat wood or household furniture because the price is relatively cheap and easy to do alone.

How to apply finishing with varnish is not difficult, just make sure the surface area to be coated is smooth enough and flat, then coat the varnish evenly in the whole field and wait until dry. Finishing with varnish aims to provide furniture against the exposure of hot sun, scratches, water, and the appearance of shiny wood. It is perfect for room furniture with natural, rustic, and industrial style

However, the layer of finishing varnish is not durable, wooden surface or furniture over time will easily look faded and dull, so you should apply the layer of finishing varnish done routinely repeatedly every wood furniture look dull.