Constraints of the Sump Pump Constraint We should know

Your sump pump is an essential part of your home’s plumbing, one that helps keep your basement dry and free of flooding. Unfortunately, it is also often taken for granted. A good sump pump will prevent your basement from flooding when it is working correctly, but ignoring any problems you might have with it could eventually result in some disastrous water damage. You need to know when to contact a company offering sump pump service Illinois, which is as simple as looking for some of these problems.

You Notice a Strong Odor in Your Basement

A strong mildew-like smell coming from your basement is usually a sign that you have more moisture than you should have. This could be caused by a leak somewhere in your basement, but a smell coming from your sump pump almost always means that the pump itself isn’t working like it should. If you can follow the bad smell to stagnant water in or around the pump, it’s time to either have the pump repaired or replaced.

You Sump Pump is Louder than It Should Be

Your sump pump will turn itself on when it is needed, and you shouldn’t hear anything louder than a faint hum when that happens. Loud noises such as grinding or screeching are signs of wear and tear in your pump. If your sump pump isn’t very old, you might be able to have the worn and/or damaged parts replaced, but you might be better off buying a whole new pump to be on the safe side.

Your Sump Pump Cycles On and Off More than It Should

You should expect your sump pump to turn itself on and stay on during a heavy rainfall, but you shouldn’t expect it to constantly cycle on or off. A cycling sump pump is caused either by a faulty power supply or a malfunctioning float valve. Either way, you should contact someone to make the necessary repairs before things get too out of hand.

You Notice Any Amount of Flooding

Finally, any amount of flooding in your basement is an indicator that your sump pump isn’t working like it should. It might be a case of not having a large enough pump for your home, but it could be that your pump is somehow damaged. You should keep an eye on your sump pump and make any necessary repairs before you get to this point, but even a flooded basement isn’t beyond repair. Do what you can to repair the water damage, and make sure that you have a working sump pump so you don’t have another flood in the future.