A Facelift for Your House

If your house is starting to look worn, dated, or you simply have grown tired of its appearance, it may be time for new siding. Use the following information to help determine if it is time for this big transformation, what is available to you, and how to make it all happen.


When to Choose Siding

Homeowners are often confused as to when new siding is needed. If your current siding only has a few places that need repaired, you can hold off on this home improvement project, but if there is more damage than is feasible to repair, it may be best to completely replace it. Replacement may also be necessary if the siding is stained or wrapped. You may even simply want to upgrade from an older aluminum covering.


Types of Siding

Today’s vinyl siding is affordable and low maintenance. Many homeowners are choosing this option, but there are many stainable woods or slate versions you could have as well. The benefit of vinyl is that it is available in several different patterns that mimic more expensive coverings as well as a wide range of colors. For a totally new look, you can purchase also purchase window wraps and vinyl shutters in coordinating styles.


How to Make it Happen

The price is often the biggest hurdle for homeowners when it comes to residing their home. You can save money by researching the different sidings available and determine which ones will fit within your budget. In addition, many Portland siding contractors like Clear Vision Construction can help by looking at your needs and offering a quote. This gives you a better idea of the total cost for materials and instillation before making any big decisions.

Once you decide to give your home a facelift with new siding, the fun begins. With so many options available, you can transform your house into something completely new and exciting. As long as it fits the household budget, you should soon be enjoying your updated dwelling.