Moving furniture is not only stressful, it can also be very costly. Because of how huge the investment in furniture is, no one wants to see any part of their furniture damaged during the process of relocating. One of the advantages of hiring a furniture transportation service is that it will save you the stress, risk, and cost of transporting your furniture by yourself.

Check Collected.Reviews for other reasons you should hire a transportation service for your furniture. There are recommended transport services that know how to move any design of furniture, even if it involves disassembling it first.

Here are 5 of the best transportation services for your furniture in the United States.

1.     U.SantiniMoving and Storage:

U.SantiniMoving and Storage is one of the best professional moving companies that you should consider using if you want to transport furniture in the US.They have an experienced team that has the technical know-how to move any type of furniture. U.Santini should be considered if you need a transportation service in the United States, especially in Brooklyn. In 1930, it was initially established for moving furniture alone, but services have expanded more than the regular furniture-moving service.

2.     Liberty Movers:

Apart from having a reputation for moving furniture, they are BBB-accredited to operate in the United States. They have experienced workers that handle every customer’s needs irrespective of the nature of the job, while still ensuring that their delivery is timely and affordable. They offer other services including vehicle shipping, piano moving, distribution services, and more. They also assemble and disassemble pieces.

3.     BrouwerRelocation:

Founded in 1969 by the Brouwer family, Brouwer Relocation is respected for its top-notch furniture-moving service. They can handle the transportation of any volume of job, including furniture designs with obscure shapes,to any place in the United States. Brouwer relocation became a proud agent of Atlas Vans Lines in 2008.

4.     Atlantic Relocation Systems:

Established in 1966, it is one of the most reliable and experienced transport services for your furniture. It is known to be second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction. Many customers prefer them to other companies because of their flexible pricing system, full insurance coverage, and professionalism. However, they have a low online presence.

5.     Atlas Vans Lines:

Atlas Vans Lines is the number one furniture transportation service in the United States. They are known for the extra care with which they move furniture. With Atlas Vans lines, there is no reason to worry about the condition of your furniture after delivery, as their skilled and professional workers will put your mind at rest with the way they handle your furniture from pickup to delivery. They have been able to keep up with a sterling reputation in the furniture transportation service industry for years. Some other services that they offer include military, government, and other private transportation. They have a mobile app that you can use to access their services from anywhere.

Whether you are transporting your furniture locally or not, it is important to consider the cost of moving furniture with transport services. Also, try to know how the prices are calculated, some transport services will charge you at an hourly rate while others have a fixed price.