Gestational surrogacy

Surrogacy treatment is the way of becoming parents for families with infertility. The latest technological method that makes thousands of people all around the world experience the parenting feelings and genetic relation with the baby. The Medical Center ADONIS Family has provided the Surrogacy Programs on your selection since 2012. Successful operated medical processes and years long experience of the specialists will put aside all your doubts about the Surrogacy treatment. 

ADONIS Fertility provide the service of Gestational Surrogacy in the territory of Ukraine for officially married heterosexual couples. Our coordinators will help you in every aspect (documents, preparation stage, tickets/hotel reservation), we receive patients from the whole world, that’s why your current location is not an obstacle for the Surrogacy program beginning. 

The whole Surrogacy process is fully legitimate and is provided according to the Ukrainian legislation. Several conditions are obligatory for Surrogacy in ADONIS:

  • The actual heath reasons for Surrogacy treatment
  • Correct and notarized set of documents required for Surrogacy Program 
  • Obligatory genetic connection of at least one of intended parents with the child 
  • Obligatory no genetic connection of the surrogate mother with the child she carries
  • Knowledge all aspects of Surrogacy program with taking the responsibility

Surrogacy …

Electrical systems: European Vs American

Most people travelling to Europe, especially from America, often have problems with their electronics as there is a difference between the American and European power systems. Most countries globally, including Europe, utilise the 50-hertz 220-volt system. Some other countries, such as the US, utilise the 60 hertz, 110-volt system. The 60-hertz 110-volt system is believed to be safer. Appliances from each of the two systems are designed only to work when plugged into the particular system. In addition, the diverse countries utilise different plugs, and there are various plug adapter kits to interconnect between the two countries. It is, however, essential to ask for professional help when using the plug adaptors as some appliances would pose a risk when put in a different system than that it is made to operate in. for instance, in Europe, the voltage is twice that of the US, and though today many appliances are being made such that they can adapt to changes in voltage, those not possible to adapt can pose hazards. If a device doesn’t have the capability of withstanding 200 volts and the 50-hertz frequency, it will fail.  To know whether there’s a need for a voltage converter, look at an …