Herman Millers Aeron chair review

Both the basic and highly adjustable models are ergonomically designed for individual comfort and fit. Both models offer the user a comfortable, stylish and relaxed choice in seating not seen in other chairs on the market. Along with offering two different models, each model is offered in three different fits. These are titled “A”, “B”, & “C”. Type “An” is designed for users that are smaller framed and shorter in height. Type “B” is the highest selling type and is designed for the person of average height and build. Type “C” was designed with people of a heavier build and tall height in mind. Type “C” allows those users of a larger stature to experience more moving pace and allows them to be comfortable in a chair that was built for their frame.

Regardless of which size or model of the Aeron you choose, they all have the same level of comfort and ergonomic design. The Aeron was made with the whole population in mind. Herman Miller wanted to make sure they can make an ultra comfortable chair that will be available for people with different kinds of build. This is why the chair is so popular because it will feel custom made for your body size

The history of the manufacturer also provides clues into the Aeron chair’s unique ergonomic design. Herman Miller is responsible for the chair, (which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Herman Miller Aeron chair on the Internet). Anyway, the brains behind Herman Miller were Chadwick and Stumpf, investors that wanted to revolutionize ergonomic office furniture. In their designs, they threw away all of the elements associated with the traditional office chair. Indeed, the new Herman Miller Aeron creation was poised to change the industry.

Chadwick & Stumpf wanted to make a chair that was comfortable, high end and super sleek. Suffice it to say that they succeeded. People were used to sitting in uncomfortable chairs and adjusting it by using pillows or other adjustments. With the Aeron – the need for that went away as the chair was super comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Many imitators have come to the market, but no one has been able to replace the Aeron.

The chair will look simple into the eyes, but there are several knobs and levers that you can adjust. You can tighten or loosen them, depend on how much back support you’re going to need. You can also slide the arm rest down if you are wan to relax your hands and arms and up if you want to have more control of your arm and hand movements. A highly technological gadget, you have a joystick combo that makes it more convenient for you to work on several knobs.

One of the coolest features of Embody will be its Seat back. What it tries to do is to emulate the formation of the spine. This way, your chair moves with you into any direction your body, particularly, your back will go.

The Aeron was made for the user as well as for the environment. This unique combination of use and environment consciousness has made the Aeron super popular in the desk chair industry.

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